Basel Rock / Hardrock mit Stonereinfl├╝ssen



It all began with two guitarists and a dream. Cioffi and Sebastian, set their sites on stoner rock stardom in 2013. But what is a rock band without some soul? If you know Dari, you know he's got plenty, he brought his bass to the group and the duo became a trio. Everyone knows you've gotta have a "Keith Moon" to inject a band with a bit of insanity, all the way from Hamburg, Peter kept the band on track with his drumming skills. Each member had been in a band before, and their individual experience blended to a unique sound. But something was still missing, and though Dari's vocals grounded and set the tone for the band, they needed one more person. On a random night in a random bar Dari happened across a welsh singer called Grace, who at the time was killing her version of an iron maiden classic. He just had to ask her to join the band, she said - and I quote; "yeah, alright then". Having been trained at Paul McCartney's performing arts school (LIPA) in Liverpool the girl knew what she was doing. Early 2015 the band was finally complete. Cioffi steering the boat with more than 15 years band experience, Seb's sweet riffs, Dari's hypnotic bass, Peters insane drumming and Grace bringing the fire with her vocals. Ready for the world and armed with an arsenal of songs created from a blend of experiences and backgrounds they set off for gigs in Basel, Germany and Olten where they supported an American band in the autumn of 2015, performing in a packed to a bursting bar called Coq d'Or.




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